Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Magical Seduction series

These men will make you believe in magic…

The Magical Seduction series. Erotic romance has never been this enchanting.

Previously published by Ellora's Cave, the Magical Seduction series has been re-edited and re-covered. If you've read the series, thank you! If you haven't what are you waiting for? 

To get you started, the first book, SEDUCED BY MAGIC is free!
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Seduced in Shadow
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Seduced and Ensnared
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Seduced and Enchanted
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Seduced by Chaos
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Seduced by Danger
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Monday, January 12, 2015

Why, yes, I have lost a few pounds...

I've got several cons on my schedule this year, a few that are new to me and a few that I'll be attending for the first time. I'm looking forward to all of them. I love connecting with readers and talking books for hours on end. Nothing makes me happier.

Except writing. I love to write. Can't imagine my life without it. But last year was a bad year. The neck pain I'd been experiencing off and on became a constant, nagging ache. Then it became a constant, aching pain. It moved from my neck, which became so stiff I had limited range of motion, to my shoulders and down my back. I couldn't turn my head more than an inch or so in either direction without pain. My shoulders were so tight, I had to consciously roll them every few minutes so they didn't hunch and my back would seize to the point that I couldn't breathe. I couldn't sit for long periods of time and, for a writer, that's terrifying. Physical therapy didn't help and the exercise I relied on to keep me sane was fast becoming impossible. Ibuprofen and naproxen sodium worked for a while. Then I moved onto prescription muscle spasm medication, but the side effects were miserable. The alternative was just as bleak.

Then I saw this Buzzfeed article.

I'm 5'2". I wore a C cup in 7th grade. It escalated to a D by 20. After kids, DDD and that's conservative. I should've been wearing a 2E but where the hell do you find a 2E bra to try on or that costs less than $100 or is remotely comfortable? NOTHING was comfortable. Not one fucking bra I wore EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF EVERY DAY or the ones I had to wear at night because you can't sleep comfortably unless those puppies are contained. And have I mentioned the ridges permanently cut into my shoulders or the constant rash under my boobs or the absolute hatred I came to have for the damn things. Yes, I hated my boobs. Hated, hated, hated them. They became the bane of my existence. I could barely write, I couldn't run, I couldn't bike, I was in constant pain and I was miserable.

And then I was done. With the help of my wonderfully supportive (small pun intended) family practitioner, who described the strain my breasts were putting on my neck and shoulders as hanging a ten-pound dumbbell around my neck, and an amazing plastic surgeon, I got rid of at least three cup sizes. My shoulder pain vanished almost immediately, as did my back pain. My neck is taking a little longer to loosen up but I have almost full range of motion, something I haven't had in years. Not a year or so. YEARS.

By now you're probably wondering why I'm spilling my guts. I go to a lot of cons. If you've met me before, you're going to notice I'm not as busty as I used to be. I'm not offended if you notice or look. I am more than happy to talk about how happy my new boobs make me. Please ask questions. If you've thought about surgery but want to talk to someone, talk to me. Hell, if you're seriously considering the operation, I'll show you my scars (in private, I'm no exhibitionist, and they really aren't that bad) and tell you that the day after surgery is miserable but every day after is a gift.

And I'll tell you how much I love my new boobs. I'll tell you how amazing it is to look in the mirror and not cringe at the image.

There will be people who gasp and say, "You never looked that big." I learned to camoflage at a young age. There will be A- and B-cup women who say, "I wish I had your problem." No, you really don't. You don't want to consider bra shopping the eighth level of Hell and bathing suit shopping the ninth. You don't want to have to struggle into two bras to run. And there will be someone who says "Why put yourself through that? Learn to live with it." I did. For decades. And then I got smart.

And happy. And yesterday, I ran for the first time in months. Not far and not long and my thighs hurt and my knees ache and my ankle's a little sore but I'm smiling as I write this because...I ran yesterday. And today, I'm going to write for hours.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Where I'll be...and hope to see you!

2014 is almost a goner and I'm looking forward to the new year with anticipation because I've got lots of places on my agenda to visit this year. Here's what I have so far. I hope to see many of you there.

February 5-8, 2015
I can't wait to spend some time in Florida with readers who love paranormal romance as much as I do.

Coastal Magic Convention

March 28, 2015
This is a new event and I'm excited to be joining them
Capital City Authors Event

April 17-18, 2015
Another new event.
Romancing the Capital

July 22-25, 2015
In NYC!! Can't wait. There's a huge literacy signing with hundreds of your favorite authors. If you're in the area, this will be the place to be
Romance Writers of America

July 25, 2014
The Book Obsessed Chicks are a group of women totally and fanatically dedicated to romance and writers. This event is so much fun, it should be illegal. And sometimes it is.
Book Obsessed Chicks Beach BBQ Bash

August 12-16, 2015
Great conference, great writers, great readers. I love this one. You will, too.
Authors After Dark

November 14, 2015
This is my baby so I'm biased. We had a blast in 2014 and we can't wait for next year. Admission is free for readers so put this on your calendar now.
Philly Author Fest

Friday, December 12, 2014


Only 99 cents for a limited time

One woman. Two men.
Half a million dollars. One night...

Book One in the Indecent series

One night. That's all Erik and Keegan want with Julianne. And they've come up with the perfect plan: Offer Julianne a half-million dollars.

Julianne is in debt up to her eyeballs due to her mother's illness. Five-hundred-thousand dollars would pay off her bills and give her a start on a new life. All she needs to do is have sex with a man she's never met. An explosion left Erik with scars, physical and psychological. Work is his only refuge. Until he sees Julianne through a surveillance camera. And he discovers a desire he thought had been burned out of him.

Keegan has watched his best friend retreat from the world for too long. If his desire for Julianne brings him back to life, Keegan will bring her to him, whatever it takes.

Julianne is young, adventurous and not afraid to take what she wants. And she wants these men.

But what happens when the night is over? Well, that's the best part of the story...


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Two men. One woman.
One night. A lifetime?

Book Two in the Indecent series

Kat refuses to give in to her mother’s demand to marry a man she can’t stand. After years of trusting no one with her heart or her body, she wants to be swept off her feet, to experience complete surrender, if only for one night.
Tristan has lusted after Kat for years. She’s the woman he wants to put between him and his best friend, Adam, and he’s finally making his move. He’ll steal her away from his brother, who doesn’t deserve her. Then he and Adam will give her exactly what she needs.

Now ready to take control of her life, Kat moves to Philadelphia to open her own law practice and to risk giving her heart to the two men who opened her eyes to desire.
Tristan and Adam are determined to keep Kat close and win her heart. But work dangers and family obligations conspire to tear them apart before their fragile relationship has a chance to grow into something stronger.
Will Kat, Tristan and Adam be able to build a strong foundation for their lives together? Or will everything they’ve worked so hard for come crashing down around them?


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Philly Author Fest is this Saturday

Philly Author Fest

Join some of your favorite authors for an afternoon of books and fun on November 8th from 11am-4pm!
Attending Authors:

Megan Hart, Melissa Schroeder, Stephanie Julian, Dana Marton, Theresa Troutman, Judi Fennell, Caridad Pineiro, Sara Humphreys, Tracey Lyons, Jenna Galicki, Beth Rinyu, N.M.Silber, A.M Madden, CS Patra, Jamie Farrell, Jae Lynne Davies, Ella Jade, Ursula LeCouer, Kimberly Kincaid, Michelle Kemper Brownlow, Christi Barth, Gina Ardito, Elizabeth Hayley, Ashley Beale, Julie Johnson, Eliza Knight, Tilly Greene, Kym Grosso, Julia Kent, Jacki Kelly, Renee Wynn, KM Scott/Gabrielle Bisset, Elisabeth Staab, Taryn Plendl, Katherine Rhodes, Sara V. Zook, Megan Erickson, Holly Bush