Saturday, October 24, 2009

Authors After Dark Reader Weekend

I had a great time today at the Authors After Dark Reader Weekend.

Hosted by Jacquelyn Frank and the Authors After Dark bloggers, the weekend is devoted to paranormal authors and readers and has been a great way for the two to interact.

I loved being on the Fairy Tale and Witches panels this morning. It's fascinating to hear how other authors, including Mima, Diana Castilleja, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Eliza Gale and (not pictured) Joey W. Hill approach their writing and their stories. And I love to get feedback and answer questions from readers.

I was thrilled to sell out of books at the book fair and had a huge smile all day as I talked to readers and my book signing buddy and roommate Judi Fennell.


michelle said...

It sounds like so much fun. I wish I could have attended. I'm actually only about 4-5 hour drive from there, but couldn't go for various reasons. Maybe next year if they do it again. I hope you will post more photos for us.

Stephanie Julian said...

it was a great time, Michelle and yes, the organizers are already planning for next year. hope to see you there.