Monday, November 14, 2011

Hot Hockey Hunk David Booth

For the next few weeks leading up the release of HOW TO WORSHIP A GODDESS, I'm devoting my blog to hot hockey hunks. The hero of the second book in the Forgotten Goddesses series is Brandon Stevenson, a rugged D-man for the fictional Reading Railers hockey team. If you think I have a thing for hockey players, you'd be right. So sit back and enjoy. And come back every day for the next few weeks for more.

To begin with, let's talk pretty boy. Has to be David Booth. Oh my. The smile, the eyes, the hair. And the guy can skate. And score. He's recently been traded to the Canucks but you can't trade that smile.


Carla said...

Delicious! Darn; the Canucks got a good one. Hope he comes home soon. :)

Can I put in a good word for Henrik Lundqvist of the Rangers? I saw him at the NHL All-Star draft last year and for the first time, my husband caught me ogling someone else. Oops! Sorry honey! But it was worth it. :)

lauragrahambooth said...

Hey, Steph... David Booth was NAKED IN MY SHOWER this very morning!!

Carla, does it still count as ogling someone else if he has the same name as your husband?? ;-)