Wednesday, August 20, 2014


One night. One woman. Two men. Twice the desire.
After years of trusting no one, Katrina wants to surrender completely, if only for one night.
Tonight, Tristan and his best friend, Adam, will give her exactly what she wants…

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Anonymous said...

Hello Ms. Julian,

Thank you so much for making, "An Indecent Affair Part 1" free to download/read.

When I tried the Amazon link I was forwarded to Facebook. I don't have a Facebook Account so I couldn't just shift gears and go that route. I really am interested in checking out the story. I'll check back to see if I can access it in the next day or two.

By the way, I think you've updated/changed your website. I love the look! It's been a couple years since I would have checked out your site last. But, still it does seem to have a different look than I remember.

Thanks again. Have a great day.

Stylesinmn (Goodreads)

PS - I found the "sneak peak" via Goodreads. :)

Stephanie Julian said...

thank you so much for reading, Stylesinmn. I believe I've corrected the link problem but let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hello again -

Truly did not expect a reply and had a bit of a fan-girl-eeee moment seeing one!

Well, I guess it's me - wouldn't be the first time - I do not want to be a bother especially if everyone else is able to access your offer without a problem.

I'm going to buy it, I'm pretty sure I would have ended up doing so any way. I enjoy reading your stories. Thanks again.