Thursday, October 19, 2017

Salon Games undergoing renovations

 The Salon is undergoing renovations.

I've regained rights to By Private Invitation, No Reservations, Over Exposed, Do Not Disturb and Strings Attached and I will be revising the books slightly for republication in February. At that time, they'll be available for purchase on all sites.

 If you've read the books, thank you! I won't be making substantial changes to the stories. However, I wanted you to know that while I'm reworking them, the first four will only be available (in their original form) in Kindle Unlimited. (Strings Attached will not be. More on that later)

They do have new covers so I wanted to show them off. And if you haven't read the series and you're in KU, now's the time to check them out.

By Private Invitation   No Reservations   Over Exposed   Do Not Disturb 

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